Birmingham Lions – American Football Team

The University of Birmingham American Football team has been having weekly sessions with Dave Whittington from the University’s Hi Performance centre. The team are current National Champions at university level, with many players who compete at international level through to those who are new to the sport.

In order to accommodate the different skill sets we are looking to develop, Dave splits the team into positional groups in order to accommodate the wide range of athletes we have and to keep the skill acquisition specific to the athletes requirements. Sessions have varied in content with different things being worked on every week in areas such as olympic lifting and plyometrics, which has been really engaging and has challenged and progressed our players. Dave has also written gym based training programs for all players, which are updated in 4 week mesocycles to continue their development. He is always available to answer any questions players may have, and he goes above and beyond to share his extensive knowledge in all areas concerned with strength and conditioning with our athletes.

Stefan Rowden

Birmingham Lions Club Captain

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