Cassie Donovan – Team GB Rower

Before I met Dave I never really understood the importance and significance of weight training. In the space of six months he transformed me from a competitive club athlete to a GB level competitor. I was as fit as I had ever been and my erg times were good; just not quite good enough. We sat down and looked at my programme and my diet which were the two areas that were letting me down.

I had been exposed to a little strength and conditioning when I swam, however after a mistake in the weights room left me injured I was always very wary. He took me through it in baby steps, breaking it down. He trained alongside me for many of my sessions, pushing and motivating me. In the space of six months I knocked ten seconds off my 2k erg and a minute of my 5k; proving what a massive impact the increased strength and power was having on my performance. My new diet had also given me new energy and I was able to train longer and harder.

Dave is by far the best strength and conditioning coach I have been exposed to, even on the GB scene. I am confident to say that I would not have got to this level without Dave. He is an asset to any training programme.

Cassie Donovan

GB Rower and National Silver Medallist

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