Gorilla PT Squat Programme

Here is the incredibly popular squat programme, that has been downloaded by hundreds and hundreds of lifters wanting to strengthen their legs and improve their squatting.

gorilla pt squat programme
Yes, that does include ‘booty gains’. Apparently.

To download this free resource, simply follow this link:


Select ‘file’ then ‘download as’ and select the format you wish to save the file in. You will then have your own copy on your device and can fill it in with your numbers.

It is important to mention that this is not a complete strength programme, but is the squatting portion only. This makes it suitable to include as part of a full routine, and as such is ideally suited to weightlifters or Crossfitters who want to add it to their existing training. As each session will only take around 20 minutes to do it can easily be added on after your weightlifting work or a WOD, but be advised, this is hard! Accordingly, for the duration of the programme your focus should be on your squat.

This programme calls for squatting three times a week, ideally with a day in between each session where you don’t squat. This can either be a rest day or a day where you complete other training. It can be stretched out a little more if time or recovery become an issue, but ensure that you keep the order of the sessions the same and try not to squat for two days running.

In order to maintain balanced strength I suggest you also deadlift once a week and do any supplementary hamstring work you need. As this four week cycle is focussed on improving your squatting, any deadlifting you do shouldn’t be too demanding. Five sets of five reps at around 80% of your one rep max would be a good place to start.

Why not join the legions of people who have enjoyed the strength improvements from this programme!

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